Are there different kinds and brands to choose from?
Just like anything else in this world, spray foam has many manufacturers, Each of which claims to have the best product. However, making such claims and backing them up is sometimes two different stories.
So trust what works! Dow Styrofoam products and Spray Foam of Maine, LLC are here to make sure your home or business is as efficient as it can be.
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We at Spray Foam of Maine, LLC choose to install only quality products manufactured by Dow Styrofoam, a division of Dow Building Systems. Throught the years, Dow Styrofoam has proven itself as an industry leader with its continuous innovations in insulation and energy saving products.
As in life itself, it is the total package that makes the difference. Don't settle for sub-standard product installed by inexperienced applicators. Your home or business' energy efficiency will affect you for as long as you occupy the building. Don't settle for second best, only to be reminded each and every month when you open up your heating bill.
Our First Choice for your Project:
2.0 PCF Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation
Ozone Friendly with Honeywell Enovate Blowing Agent
Density of approximately 2 pounds of product per square foot
R-Value of almost 7 per inch of material applied
Our Second Choice for your Project:
Dow's Froth Pak System
Allows the injection of foam into a cavity through a small drilled hole for applications such as:
Window weight and balance cavities in older homes
Hollow headers or concealed voids
Anything hollow that needs to be filled with insulation
Other Products Available:
Other products available for specialty uses
Fire Rated products for commercial and industrial applications
Higher density foams for "Build Up" roof applications that can support a person's weight
Soy based foams for projects focused on the "Green" objective of constructing the most environmentaly oriented project possible
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