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What is Spray Foam of Maine?

We are a locally owned and operated business focused on providing our customers a lasting, beneficial product. We pride ourselves on the quality, efficiency, and professional installation of our products. After all, the owners are also the installers!

Many people think of insulation as the itchy pink material stuffed in our walls during the construction of our homes or businesses. That could not be further from the truth! Insulation comes in many forms, and Spray Foam of Maine is proud to offer our customers the highly efficient option of Closed Cell Foam as an improved alternative to conventional insulation types.
With the rising cost of heating with fossil fuels, our products ensure a high efficiency rating of your dwelling, thus decreasing heating costs.

Even the best built structures are only as good as the materials put into them during construction. Far too often, our homes worst enemy in regards to heat loss is the structure itself.

Please read on for more informaiton on this remarkable new concept re-defining how "insulation" and "energy savings " coincide. For more information, please CONTACT US for a free estimate.
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