West Gardiner, Maine
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Eliminate Heat Loss & Mold

No one wants their heat leaking outdoors while mold infests their home. With closed-cell spray foam you’ll trap in the heat and keep the mold away.

Have you ever been standing in your house and felt that infamous draft? Heat loss can occur in many different ways in a building from cracks, around doors, windows, electrical outlets and everything from the basement to roof. Some of these hard-to-reach areas are almost impossible to insulate with traditional insulation whereas spray foam insulation can reach them, keeping the heat in and moisture out!

Mold on the other hand can be caused by several factors with the most common being lack of proper air flow. Our spray foam will reduce the potential for mold and mildew to grow by effectively blocking random air leakage and moisture intrusions. It is semi-permeable, allowing for cavity drying in both directions, minimizes condensation potential and resists moisture.