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Structural Spray Foam Benefits

Buildings are made up of many numerous construction components that are fastened together using nails, staples, etc. Now imagine adding a bonding agent in addition to the conventional fasteners used. What would that do to the rigidity and structural integrity of the dwelling? All components on which the closed-cell foam is applied to would be bonded together.

Remember the model kits you once had as a child, and how all the parts fit together just right? Well compare the use of closed-cell Foam to the glue together kits, and conventional insulation to the snap-together kits.

Extensive Studies of Closed-Cell Benefits

  • Adds structural enforcement by reducing fluctuating temperatures and moistures that can change the structural components.
  • The added structural enforcements are also added by bonding to studs and sheathing, adding strength and rigidity.
  • Increases wall strength up to 50%.
  • Minimizes home vibrations, helping to reduce noise.