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The Logic Behind the Choice of Closed Cell Foam

Properly installed closed-cell foam can give your home and your wallet the following benefits:
Initial R-Value of 6.5-7 per inch of material applied*
*(3 Inches of foam yields an R-Value of 19.5-21, whereas it takes over 6 inches of conventional fiberglass to give you R-19 which is building standard Maine today for exterior walls)
Reduces the amount of Fossil Fuels needed for heating and cooling
 Lower Energy Bills
 More energy efficient structures
 Blocks uncontrolled air leakage
Acts as an air sealant
Expands to fill cracks, cavities, and crevices
Helps maintain consistent indoor temperatures
Provides an airtight seal
Complete edge to edge air seal
Gets into hard to reach areas
Uncontrolled air leakage can be responsible for up to 40% of energy loss
Uncontrolled air movement can result in moisture accumulation which can lead to mold