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$$$ Examples of Cost Savings $$$

There have been many studies done by both Industry and Independent entities researching the viability of Closed-Cell Foam versus conventional insulation types.
The results have been very definitive indicating increased costs savings over time, with an increased return on investment on both short term and long term basis.
The following Case Studies are only a small sample of information that has been gathered supporting the financial feasibility of using the Closed-Cell Foam product.

Location: Sacramento California
 2400 sq ft homes
 Based on Gas and electric consumption
 Traditionally Insulated homes compared to Close-cell insulation homes
 Average Yearly costs Traditional Closed Cell
 Total Energy Costs $2,716 $1,107
 Average monthly costs $247 $128
 Savings over a 30 year mortgage $42,645
 The monthly savings of $118 at 6% interest costs could pay for an additional $19,758 in mortgage
 The Mainer’s Point of view:
 Inversely, savings on energy bills can be applied to your mortgage reducing the overall interest paid over the life of the loan leading to fewer overall payments and shortening the actual term of the loan.
Case Study #1
Location: Roanoke Virginia
 2,240 square ft ranch home
 Based on Liquid Propane heat consumption
 Based on 10 similar homes
 Average Yearly costs Traditional Closed Cell
 Total Propane consumption 769 gallons 321 gallons
 Estimated savings based on 2$/gallon $895 per year
 58% reduction in Propane Usage
Case Study #2
Location: Atlanta. Georgia
 1,800 sq ft home
 Traditional Closed Cell
 Average monthly Utility Bills $143.76 $89.64
 Cost of Insulation $2,350 $5,200
 38% reduction in Propane Usage
 Additional Cost of Insulation in Mortgage payment $17.10
 Savings on Monthly Utility Bills $54.12
 Net Cash in Home Owners pocket per month $37.02